Will The Real Fans Please Rise?

There is a lot of upset I'm hearing over Facebook's recent action of eliminating likes on business pages from fake & inactive accounts. Let me explain why it's a GOOD thing! Think about it like having 100's of people in a room, but no one is really talking to you or looking at you and you aren't allowed to walk up and strike up a conversation with them. Wouldn't you rather be in a space where everyone is there to participate in some way? Yes, of course we want that "like" number to be super high, reflecting that we are so amazing that 15 zillion people like us. The truth is Facebook only "shows" each post to a small percentage of our fans, so if you have a bunch of likes from fake or inactive accounts you are wasting precious impressions on thin air. Hence, when you have a page full of real fans and you provide interesting quality content, you will naturally gain more exposure through their friends as they like and comment on your interactive posts. Facebook also rewards you for having interaction by showing your posts to a higher percentage of your fans.

I'm a Facebook ad fan myself because it's very inexpensive, track-able and can be laser focused to your exact needs. However, contrary to popular belief, there are ways to increase the percentage of fans that Facebook shows your posts to without using ads... just be ready to work REALLY hard for it! Your business page is creating relationships with its fans and relationships take time & energy to grow.  Just like my friend Ed Bernstein of 25 Score says about events, "It's not how many are there, it's about the quality of people that ARE there and the value or take away they get from it."

So, in summary as long as your business page is providing great content, posting regularly and engaging with the audience the drop in likes might actually increase your engagement. 

                                                                       Jennifer Ramos

                                                                       Jennifer Ramos

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A Dog-Gone Confession...

Today's blog has nothing to do with social media, marketing or engagement tips,  it is simply about a predicament I  am in. This is a plea to the world of German Shepherd dog loving folks out there who might want to help!  

Most little girls wanted horses, while I wanted a pet chimpanzee, and often visited them at The LA Zoo!  I love nature and animals in general, I love the idea of living breathing creatures happily roaming the earth.  I love cats too, but do not have one at the moment. (we will leave why for another day!) 

The confession is, that I'm not really a "dog person,"  and that's what is making me feel bad about this. So how does a lady who is not a dog person end up with not one but TWO dogs in her house at this exact moment? How? You ask? I have 2 sons, and they have had a gorgeous Old English Bulldog named Rocky for the last 8 years. Last week, my younger son decided all on his own that he would bring home a HUGE 1 year old German Shepherd mix named Bear.  Bear is pretty well behaved for a puppy, the biggest issue is that he doesn't like Rocky, AT ALL.  When we contacted his original family they suddenly moved to Wyoming.  Go figure.

It's not like I'm not a dog hater either, which is why I can't sentence him to the pound, but I can't keep him either. If you happen to know a single active person or a family (without dogs - He's kind-of a one dog family puppy).  He's incredibly smart and very trainable, he will give his paw and sit, he waits to go potty (just don't make him wait too long).  

Bear will bring a new level of love to your home. Please feel free to call, text or email me to see him right away! 

Here's Bear on a walk with me. 

Here's Bear on a walk with me. 

Let Me Play You!

Yes,  let me play you!  

What I mean is... Well, go ahead and watch the 25 second video to hear what I'm talking about!

Thanks for watching, I am looking forward to hearing from you! 

Farewell to my friend

There are people in life that touch you one way or another, those who pass through quickly without leaving much impression, those who were removed for a reason, and those who seem to be forever in your thoughts and heart. It reminds of a meme that I saw about friends (see below).

Tony Zafereo was one of those happy-go-lucky types that could win friends over with his humor and charm. I  hope somehow he can see all the outpouring of love from friends and family.  Scroll down after the letter and see some pictures and a video of him playing the sax for his date.  Thanks to Angie for keeping me updated and Tony's friends Michael Walsh & Marilyn Collins who posted the pictures & video I used below.

Dear Tony,

I'm thankful that I had a chance to know someone like you early in life.  You always stood up for what you believed in, even when it was the harder choice. When you joined the Navy I was so proud of you & and scared for you too, so I prayed a lot when you went to the Gulf War. I'm not sure how we lost touch, but I was happy to reconnect with you on Facebook. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures you posted from your world travels, you always looked so happy, so alive. I don't think that any of us will ever understand why you did what you did, and we all wish we could have been there for you.  I want to thank you for bringing life and joy to others while you were here on earth. To me you'll always be that handsome boy in 6th grade with a smile that lit up the whole room. I pray that you rest forever in His peace where your loved ones are waiting for you.

Goodbye my friend, Tony.

02/19/1969 - 12/29/2014

Angie Zafereo2.jpg
Photo compliments of Marilyn Collins
Hope to see you again someday.

Hope to see you again someday.

How Do You Spell I-N-S-P-I-R-E?

There are times when inspiration comes as easily as the way the light hits a crystal heart dangling from your rear view mirror.  There are moments you hear a train in the distance and you feel like jumping on board to write a book.   A friend or coworker might say something that triggers a mountain of ideas. A beautiful rainbow, the sound of birds chirping, orange creamsicle and purple colored sunsets, watching dancing, art, and walking are all things that could inspire you... and yet, there are times when those conditions are present and still leave you feeling empty.  What makes it different from one day to the next?  Here's a few tricks you could try to get yourself going:

  • Take a deep breath and clear your head....Hold your breath til you pass out (just kidding) exhale and let all the stress leave your body. REPEAT
  • Think about a moment when you were proud of yourself, a good memory or something you are grateful for.
  • Change your environment or take a quick walk around the block.
  • Switch to a task that doesn't require much thought for the moment and try again later.

What keeps you inspired? 



Horsing Around With Hair

If blogging is King, the Queen is social media, then the castle would be your website to house all of the cards in your suit.  You can blog on just about any topic remotely related to your industry and people still want to read, for every thought you wish to share there is a person looking to learn about it.

I am dedicating this blog to HAIR and mostly the lack of it!  I have to admit that I have been losing a bit more hair lately than I am comfortable with, and what hair I have was reminiscent of a scarecrow all the way down to my itchy dry scalp.  Whether it is stress, allergy, or hormone related is almost impossible to tell, I’m looking into all sorts of exciting options (Maybe I’ll try to tackle BHRT in my next blog).  I started using a shampoo called Mane N’ Tail, it’s actually made for our equestrian friends, but apparently some of us human folk enjoy it too.  (I wonder what made someone say, “Oh, I think I’ll try this horse shampoo...”) I’m sure happy they did and now you can buy it everywhere, so I had to share it with the world! After about a month of using it I really started feeling a difference. It’s super inexpensive too, if you look on the label right under Mane n’ Tail it says “and body” … now I had always read that as it would ‘add body’ to your hair (which it does), but no, it meant that you can use it as a body wash as well, so there’s a 2 in one savings for you.  The scent is soft and refreshing, not overbearing at all, it is really moisturizing and it rinses off easily. I finally “ponied” up and got the conditioner too…. Wow! My hair felt like satin when I rinsed it out this morning.

Mane n’ Tail has been helping with the softness of my hair, but I’m still losing it by the handful. Other than the boatloads of biotin do you have any suggestions for a magic product, I can rub in my scalp to repair my hair?

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Q: How Can Social Media Help My Business?

This day and age you can't just pop an ad in the paper and expect people to come flooding into your store, any "advertising" platform requires consistency.  The first time they see your ad, they may pass it over, after a few times it will become embedded in their head and when they need or want your service they might go look for your ad... IF you are still advertising, if not they will go to your competitor who is there.  What else is there besides Newspaper, Magazines, TV, Radio, or Billboards that can help you connect with your audience? Reach out into cyberspace to find like minded individuals who need and want your services.  Social Media sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram,  LinkedIn etc are a great way for a business to target by specific age groups and interests. People love their social media worlds and they feel connected to their friends and followers.  When it's done right, it's like having a virtual relationship with your fans. When you are able to keep your fans interacting on your page by liking, sharing and commenting that means their friends will also see you and may need or want your service. This is only one aspect of how social media can help you, there are so many more.