Horsing Around With Hair

If blogging is King, the Queen is social media, then the castle would be your website to house all of the cards in your suit.  You can blog on just about any topic remotely related to your industry and people still want to read, for every thought you wish to share there is a person looking to learn about it.

I am dedicating this blog to HAIR and mostly the lack of it!  I have to admit that I have been losing a bit more hair lately than I am comfortable with, and what hair I have was reminiscent of a scarecrow all the way down to my itchy dry scalp.  Whether it is stress, allergy, or hormone related is almost impossible to tell, I’m looking into all sorts of exciting options (Maybe I’ll try to tackle BHRT in my next blog).  I started using a shampoo called Mane N’ Tail, it’s actually made for our equestrian friends, but apparently some of us human folk enjoy it too.  (I wonder what made someone say, “Oh, I think I’ll try this horse shampoo...”) I’m sure happy they did and now you can buy it everywhere, so I had to share it with the world! After about a month of using it I really started feeling a difference. It’s super inexpensive too, if you look on the label right under Mane n’ Tail it says “and body” … now I had always read that as it would ‘add body’ to your hair (which it does), but no, it meant that you can use it as a body wash as well, so there’s a 2 in one savings for you.  The scent is soft and refreshing, not overbearing at all, it is really moisturizing and it rinses off easily. I finally “ponied” up and got the conditioner too…. Wow! My hair felt like satin when I rinsed it out this morning.

Mane n’ Tail has been helping with the softness of my hair, but I’m still losing it by the handful. Other than the boatloads of biotin do you have any suggestions for a magic product, I can rub in my scalp to repair my hair?

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