Farewell to my friend

There are people in life that touch you one way or another, those who pass through quickly without leaving much impression, those who were removed for a reason, and those who seem to be forever in your thoughts and heart. It reminds of a meme that I saw about friends (see below).

Tony Zafereo was one of those happy-go-lucky types that could win friends over with his humor and charm. I  hope somehow he can see all the outpouring of love from friends and family.  Scroll down after the letter and see some pictures and a video of him playing the sax for his date.  Thanks to Angie for keeping me updated and Tony's friends Michael Walsh & Marilyn Collins who posted the pictures & video I used below.

Dear Tony,

I'm thankful that I had a chance to know someone like you early in life.  You always stood up for what you believed in, even when it was the harder choice. When you joined the Navy I was so proud of you & and scared for you too, so I prayed a lot when you went to the Gulf War. I'm not sure how we lost touch, but I was happy to reconnect with you on Facebook. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures you posted from your world travels, you always looked so happy, so alive. I don't think that any of us will ever understand why you did what you did, and we all wish we could have been there for you.  I want to thank you for bringing life and joy to others while you were here on earth. To me you'll always be that handsome boy in 6th grade with a smile that lit up the whole room. I pray that you rest forever in His peace where your loved ones are waiting for you.

Goodbye my friend, Tony.

02/19/1969 - 12/29/2014

Angie Zafereo2.jpg
Photo compliments of Marilyn Collins
Hope to see you again someday.

Hope to see you again someday.