How Do You Spell I-N-S-P-I-R-E?

There are times when inspiration comes as easily as the way the light hits a crystal heart dangling from your rear view mirror.  There are moments you hear a train in the distance and you feel like jumping on board to write a book.   A friend or coworker might say something that triggers a mountain of ideas. A beautiful rainbow, the sound of birds chirping, orange creamsicle and purple colored sunsets, watching dancing, art, and walking are all things that could inspire you... and yet, there are times when those conditions are present and still leave you feeling empty.  What makes it different from one day to the next?  Here's a few tricks you could try to get yourself going:

  • Take a deep breath and clear your head....Hold your breath til you pass out (just kidding) exhale and let all the stress leave your body. REPEAT
  • Think about a moment when you were proud of yourself, a good memory or something you are grateful for.
  • Change your environment or take a quick walk around the block.
  • Switch to a task that doesn't require much thought for the moment and try again later.

What keeps you inspired?