A Dog-Gone Confession...

Today's blog has nothing to do with social media, marketing or engagement tips,  it is simply about a predicament I  am in. This is a plea to the world of German Shepherd dog loving folks out there who might want to help!  

Most little girls wanted horses, while I wanted a pet chimpanzee, and often visited them at The LA Zoo!  I love nature and animals in general, I love the idea of living breathing creatures happily roaming the earth.  I love cats too, but do not have one at the moment. (we will leave why for another day!) 

The confession is, that I'm not really a "dog person,"  and that's what is making me feel bad about this. So how does a lady who is not a dog person end up with not one but TWO dogs in her house at this exact moment? How? You ask? I have 2 sons, and they have had a gorgeous Old English Bulldog named Rocky for the last 8 years. Last week, my younger son decided all on his own that he would bring home a HUGE 1 year old German Shepherd mix named Bear.  Bear is pretty well behaved for a puppy, the biggest issue is that he doesn't like Rocky, AT ALL.  When we contacted his original family they suddenly moved to Wyoming.  Go figure.

It's not like I'm not a dog hater either, which is why I can't sentence him to the pound, but I can't keep him either. If you happen to know a single active person or a family (without dogs - He's kind-of a one dog family puppy).  He's incredibly smart and very trainable, he will give his paw and sit, he waits to go potty (just don't make him wait too long).  

Bear will bring a new level of love to your home. Please feel free to call, text or email me to see him right away! 

Here's Bear on a walk with me. 

Here's Bear on a walk with me.